Warhol Gallery offers a unique artwork collection of Andy Warhol Lithographs for sale.

Andy Warhol artwork signed in print limited edition numbered Lithographs and other fine art artists offered by Warhol Gallery.

Warhol Gallery offers a unique artwork collection of Andy Warhol Lithographs of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soups cans, Tomato, Flowers, Mao, Myths, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Portraits of Liza Minnelli, Mick Jagger. Andy Warhol hand signed paintings are also available. Artwork of other Fine Art artists like Hans Falk, Vaclav Benedikt, John Gilbert, Pablo Piccasso are for sale. We also offer Asian Antiques as Shan Alabaster or Marble Buddhas from Myanmar.

Tutorial Andy Warhol Fakes, hints for buying Andy Warhol Artwork

1. Look for the signature and edition number on the artwork. Andy Warhol's genuine works are usually signed and numbered.

2. One way to spot Andy Warhol counterfeits is by examining the quality of the print. Authentic Warhol prints often have a specific texture and color saturation that may be difficult to replicate.

3. Look for the artist's signature and authentication on the artwork. Authentic Andy Warhol pieces should have proper documentation and provenance.

4. Authenticate the artwork with a reputable expert or authentication service.

5. Verify the authenticity of the materials used in the artwork. Andy Warhol used specific materials and techniques in his original works, so be cautious if the materials used in the piece do not align with his known methods.

6. Be cautious of unusually low prices or suspicious sellers, and consider obtaining a certificate of authenticity for the artwork.

7. Research the history and background of the artwork, including previous owners and exhibitions.

8. Educating yourself about the specific details and nuances of Andy Warhol's original pieces can be a valuable tool in identifying fakes. Pay attention to details such as the signature, labeling, and overall presentation of the artwork.
The Carnegie Museum of Art limited editions were edited in 1986 one year before Andy Warhol's death. They got in sale in the 1990's and beginning 2000's. Some had no CMOA stamp on verso but the most bear black or blue stamps. Because of the popularity of Andy Warhol in the last 30 years he got more and more victim of counterfeits. There are now limited "editions" of 100 or 150 offered by various editors with descriptions like:

Stamp: Leo Castelli Gallery New York, Embossing: Georges Israel editor, Watermark: “Arches France", Paper: Handmade paper ARCHES, Authentication: embossed by editor Georges Israel Editeur / stamped on reverse by the Leo Castelli Gallery New York or SFMONA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) and many more.

These small editions are simple posters and they were printed in late 2010's or 2020's without consent of Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol Foundation or Estate of Andy Warhol. They bear different stamps the more they have the more they should appear authentic.
Pepsi print in style of Warhol

Pepsi "certificate"

As usual grafy blogAndy Warhol stamp never missingRecently prints are sold with CMOA stamps and less known motives which were never published within the Carnegie editions. You can recognize them upon different dimensions, numbering and the paper quality and many more. As example you can see them on grafiart. These sellers are producing these fakes in large numbers, so they are too lazy to precise which number you will receive: "At the time of purchase, the numbering may vary."
Fake CMOA edition
Last but not least you can simply recognize fakes upon holographic "authenticity" sticker on the back.
Andy Warhol holographic sticker

Fake CMOA edition numbering
The only reputable COA for Warhol prints came from the Board of the Warhol Foundation. The examination costs were all in all about $ 2000. It was issued for hand signed lithographs or hand paintings which have value of min. $ 40000. The Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board, Inc. was a private corporation that certified the authenticity of works by the artist, Andy Warhol, from 1995 to early 2012. On the day of October 19, 2011, in a statement by the Board of Directors of the Andy Warhol Foundation, it was announced that the Authentication Board was to be completely dissolved in early 2012 in order to maximize its charitable contributions to the arts.

Our gallery is in NO way related to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts or former Andy Warhol Foundation or Estate.
Fake Andy Warhol COA (Italian mafia)
Our Gallery issues Certificates of Authenticity (COA) and of your Ownership. All certificates and sold prints are individually registered. For security reasons the certificates are never sent together with the print.
Warhol Gallery stamp
Andy Warhol's signature went through changes during the course of his career. His 1950's prints were signed by his mother,  Julia Warhola.

His 1960's prints were often signed on the back beginning his first name with a round "A" , some used a stamped signature, some just his initials. So not all of the first 250 lithographs editions were hand signed.

Andy Warhol signature

Andy Warhol signature

early 60's


1967 stamp
Andy Warhol signature

Andy Warhol signature

Andy Warhol signature
Typical fake Andy Warhol's signature received for evaluation
Andy Warhol fake
(Round A in 1966 and Andy Warhol never mentioned the year on exhibition posters)

Typical fakes supposedly "authorized" by Andy Warhol Foundation

Fakes offered for resale
Onion fake

Mao fake

Coke fake

fake stamps

In principle Andy Warhol was a lazy man. But it is true, he gave occasionally to his friends or gallery visitors autographs or made quick drafts. But these occasions were rare. You will find a lot of "hand signed" prints of Andy Warhol in different auctions but also in renowned galleries. To 99 % these offers, mostly offset prints, are just pages torn from different illustrations (books, journals) and signed with a black or gold felt pen by somebody but definitely not by Andy Warhol.

About 97 % of all Andy Warhol signatures are counterfeits and the offers on ebay, onlineauctioneers or other obscure sources go up to 99.9 % > good luck buying a hand signed Warhol for under $ 25000.

In recent time more and more fakes are also sold with the stamps of "The estate of Andy Warhol" and "Authorized by Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts". You cannot tell the difference to the original stamps. But there is one simple sign to identify the forgery. Contact us if you wish to have our advice.

All marks of www.grafy.blog are of NO significance and these prints were edited in Italy in the last years and never with the consent of Andy Warhol or his Foundation. Convince yourself and try www.grafy.blog you will see yourself!
grafy blog
Now to all the certificates, search first in the internet the name of the certificate issuer, maybe you will find it but you will see it is of no relevance and then look up the address in Google Maps and you will be surprised, maybe it doesn't exist or it is a gasoil station or or. Here an example "issued" by Aviomar S.P.A. Ardea, Italy:Certificate in Italian

Aviomar address in Italy
Here an example like you get easy a certificate for a small fee:
One of many certificate issuers
As the mafia doesn't get enough 1 or 5 $ bills,
"signed" $ bill
which are sold as signed by Andy Warhol, they take old Italian Lira bills but Andy Warhol never signed any Lira bill and even more stupid, some bills were issued after Andy Warhol's death!
example Italian Lira
Andy Warhol Italian Lira fake signature
On some marketplaces are offered "trial proofs" for about $ 2500, don't believe that nonsense, they are all fakes. The edition of the print is an important factor identifying an authentic Warhol. It could be that the print in question claims to be a trial proof edition, but there is an authenticated and recorded trial proof with the exact coloring and composition. Each proof is the ONLY ONE of its kind, compositionally meant. There can be no two trial proofs alike, as trial proof editions were printed only once. An example of such a "trial proof" which was offered us for resale:
"Trial Proof Andy Warhol"
How funny, we were offered in the same month 3 "trial proofs" and 2 were similar, so once again: each proof is unique, there aren't any copies of a trial proof.


Let us ask you a question: Who would sell a hand signed print of a value of min. $ 10000 for just $ 100?

If Andy Warhol would have signed all these prints he would have had to live for another two centuries. The value of these fakes is simply zero.

It doesn't work without common sense, so simple! And take your time!

Very interesting article how the whole art fake industry works: How art fakes are sold.